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The Body Shop

“All our products are made with a love of life, respect for the world we live in, a spirit of individuality, and commitment to trading fairly. In a word, passion.”

The Body Shop


The Body Shop was started by an amazing woman by the name of Anita Roddick in Brighton England in 1976. It was bought by L’Oreal In 2006.


Known for their amazing range of scents, and use of natural ingredients, The Body Shop carries over 1200 products, from bath and body, home fragrances, makeup, even a men’s product line. There is literally something for everyone.


Over 2,100 stores in 55 countries, including 118 stores in Canada alone!


The body shop is known for their extraordinary passion for helping the planet, including the preservation of both human and animal rights. This is a company that truly does care. When you use a product from the body shop you can feel confident that you are helping the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The 5 core values you see splashed across their website and promotional materials give an insight into a company that values something other than the almighty dollar;

Against Animal Testing
Support Community Trade
Activate Self Esteem
Defend Human Rights
Protect Our Planet

But this is nothing new to a company that has dedicated itself to creating a better world for us all. Here is a brief overview of their charitable campaigns run by the Body Shop in the last 20 years (from;

1988 - Protect the Ozone Campaign with Friends of the Earth.
Chlorofluorocarbons are unnecessarily contributing to the depletion of the world’s ozone. This campaign raised awareness about this crisis through window posters and distribution of campaign pamphlets. 20,000 petition signatures were collected against the use of chlorofluorocarbons and halons as propellants in aerosol cans in Canada. More than $34,000 was raised through Friends of the Earth T-shirt sales.

1989 - Guardian of the Rainforest Campaign with WWF (Canada)
In partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation, this campaign raised awareness about rainforest deforestation through window posters and distribution of pamphlets. More than $175,000 was collected through T-shirt sales and direct donations, funding five top-priority projects in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

1989 - Jungle Stories campaign with The Rainforest Foundation.
Established by rock musician Sting and Belgium filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, The Rainforest Foundation aids in the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people who live there. More than $7,000 was raised through sales of the book “Jungle Stories – The Fight for the Amazon”.

1990 - Now You See Us… Soon You Won’t
In partnership with Kenya Wildlife Foundation, we raised awareness about the plight and slaughter of 70,000 elephants each year for their ivory tusks. T-shirt sales raised $160,000 to protect the last remaining herd of 400 elephants in Meru National Park

1991 - Wishing I Could be… Forever in the Deep Blue Sea
Every year, thousands of magnificent marine mammals die tragic and unnecessary deaths in Canadian waters. This campaign raised $70,000 for the World Society for the Protection of Animals to establish a toll-free 24 hour hotline to report standings, to purchase special equipment for rescuers and to launch an educational program to teach life-saving techniques to rescuers.

1994 - There “Otter” be a Law
To Protect Canada’s Endangered Species and to compel the government to enact specific federal endangered species legislation. This campaign collected more than 75,000 signatures and 3,500 children’s letters and drawings. $57,000 raised for the Sierra Legal Defence Fund and the Canadian Nature Federation’s work on this issue calling for such a law (and the Union québécoise pour la conservation de la nature (UQCN) in Quebec).

1994-2003 - STOP Violence Against Women
Since 1994, you’ve helped us raise more than $1 million for local violence prevention and recovery programs across Canada.

1997 - Help Take the Heat Off
This campaign raised awareness about the seriousness of global climate change through the sale of energy efficient light bulbs. 7,400 light bulbs were sold, $20,000 was collected in shops and 20,000 signatures were presented to the Prime Minister of Canada calling for action on climate change.

1999 - It’s About Time Tour
A Canada-wide, cross-country Speaking Tour to promote wellness and self-esteem by facilitating discussions in communities and schools on women’s issues, violence, self-esteem and social corporate responsibility.

2000 - Women We Admire
Program featuring 19 great women in Canada whom The Body Shop admires for effecting positive change of the past, present and future. The program invited the customers to nominate their own woman to fill the 20th spot.

2001 - Curb Climate Change Protect our National Parks
“Protect Our National Parks” was about climate change and the irreversible effects of environmental destruction. The campaign hit home with many staff members and customers by highlighting the impacts of climate change on national parks. It also tied into The Body Shop International global campaign on clean energy.

2002 - Water Fight!
Problems with our water supply are symptoms of the larger issues facing the entire planet as a result of unsustainable development. Encouraging everyone to stand up for their right to clean drinking water and act on their responsibility to protect it, this campaign highlighted the need for national action on safe drinking water in Canada.

1994 - 2005
STOP Violence Against Women has been a passionate and personal issue for the staff and customers of The Body Shop Canada since 1994. Shocked and outraged by the extent and tolerance of violence against women, The Body Shop Canada has joined forces with charitable organizations including the Canadian Women’s Foundation and Amnesty International to raise awareness of violence against women and to issue a call-to-action that Women’s Rights are Human Rights. In the 11 years of this campaign, The Body Shop Canada with its customers raised more than $1.5 million to help national and local programs to help STOP Violence Against Women.

2005 - Current
STOP Violence in the Home. Based on the tremendous success of The Body Shop Canada STOP Violence against Women campaign, The Body Shop International launched the Stop Violence in the Home campaign that now also deals with violence of any kind in the home between all genders, sexuality and ages. To kick off the campaign in Canada, The Body Shop Canada joined The Body Shop US in its very successful Donate a Phone, Save a Life campaign in August of 2005. Through this program all 116 locations of the Body Shop in Canada accepted donations of cell phones from customers to be refitted and sold with all proceeds in Canada going directly to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Any phones donated that can not be refitted and resold will be broken down and recycled appropriately rather than simply being thrown into the garbage.

Do you want to get involved? Want to know how you can help?
Click here for details on our Stop Violence in the Home campaign

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